We believe in what we do so strongly that we have enshrined it in a Constitution. 

~for all Sustainable Leaders; past, present, and future~


Our world is constantly changing and presenting new challenges. Rigid hierarchies and bureaucracies with their inherent divisions and silos of information are fundamentally inadequate to address this reality. For every solution that such structures propose, multiple new and often more complex problems arise which they are poorly prepared to face. To solve these wicked problems, we need a different approach – a collaborative one. The Sustainable Leader Network is a collaboration of changemakers that transcends every hierarchy, every wall, and every line in the sand to collectively address the issues we face. These changemakers may come from different places, speak different languages, and hold different political views, but they share a common culture that harnesses their different perspectives. The Sustainable Leader Network is the standard bearer of that culture. Come one, come all. It’s time we move forward, together! ~Nathan W. Albritton, Chairman, Co-Founder

The Sustainable Leader Network, at its core, believes in the overarching perseverance of humanity and that it has, above all else, an unflinching desire to do good in the face of adversity. With all the problems that plague our species and other species we adversely affect, solutions can be brought to fruition. We have the power and capacity to problem solve and promote better ways of thinking in order to move toward a brighter future. A Sustainable Leader is someone who sees a role to be filled and will rise to the occasion when needed. That no matter a vacancy in responsibility, the momentum of this organization is sustained by all members, all leaders, acting for a sustainable future. Together, we create change. ~Jonathan L. G. Howery, Vice Chairman, Co-Founder

TSLN is comprised of uptempo change agents from all walks of life. Through participation in TSLN, both individuals and organizations will have access to professional development and leadership training, as well as cross-sector mentorship opportunities. The Network creates a safe space for industry professionals, curious companions and agile activists to come together to discuss and direct action toward topics that impact our communities. By utilizing tools such as online coursework through the TSLN Level Up! program, members are supported in the creation of sustainable solutions, while challenged to identify the necessary questions. ~Rachel James, Sergeant at Arms, Co-Founder

Expressing your passion without fear of judgement or intimidation can be achieved by mastering the art of storytelling, framing a question in a distinctive way, or hosting a discussion through innovative facilitation. The Sustainable Leader Network is a platform for “unlike-minded” people to come together and find solutions to the world’s most pressing issues through safe, healthy, friendly, and effective dialogue. ~June Chee, Treasurer, Co-Founder


We, the Sustainable Leaders, are a community of professionals and changemakers who help each other to build leadership skills, have friendly dialogue, and create meaningful change. As Sustainable Leaders, we are resolutely dedicated to working with all individuals, communities, and institutions—regardless of ideology—in order to make the world we share a better place for all.

We believe that everyone—and every species—has a right to live and prosper and an equal responsibility to ensure that others today and those in the future maintain the same rights. We stand firmly by those who share this belief—whether guardians of the environment, champions of our community, or builders of business. Together we will build a world for all.

As Sustainable Leaders, we recognize that all meaningful change—whether big or small—starts with individuals. We firmly believe that to make a positive impact, we must begin by developing ourselves. Each of us is unwaveringly dedicated to our personal and professional development, and the development of our fellow Sustainable Leaders. We are professionals forged by our peers and the catalysts for meaningful change. We are Sustainable Leaders.


As Sustainable Leaders, we welcome everyone. We strive to be courteous, to be articulate, and to be positive. We are eager to do good—personally and professionally—and regularly reflect on our own actions. We build things that we believe in, rather than block those we do not. Furthermore, we are empathetic to those around us.

As Sustainable Leaders, we own our words; if we say we will do something, then we will do it. We trust others—no matter how difficult—because trust is the foundation of community. Finally, we have fun in everything that we do.

Welcoming, courteous, articulate, positive, self-reflective, constructive, empathetic, trusting, fun-loving—these are the qualities that we, as Sustainable Leaders, aspire to embody everyday. In short, we believe in grit, spit, and stick-to-it-iveness.


The Sustainable Leader Network (TSLN) is a professional development organization that operates uniquely. TSLN provides opportunities focused on three main pillars: professional development, dialogue, and journalism

Professional development

We offer a series of professional development courses that provide technical and soft skills training to current and future leaders. This training is designed to provide real world applicable skills for the professional environment.


We host forums for TSL Chapter members and communities to dialogue about leadership and theme-based topics. TSLN dialogues provide a safe space to listen and voice all perspectives, and discuss them openly to better understand the key issues we face as a society.


We believe that well-trained and ethical citizen journalists can provide quality news and analysis to communities around the world. We will ensure accurate, timely, and unbiased journalism is an accessible resource worldwide.


Each dues paying member will hold the following rights:

  • Access to a safe space for open and friendly dialogue
  • One vote in all referendums called by the Board of Directors (BOD)
  • The ability to review BOD meeting minutes
  • The freedom to craft a personalized, professional development path


Members to Each Other

We, the members of TSLN, are ambassadors of the organization, and will uphold the principles of the organization in our personal and professional lives. We recognize that our individual actions reflect on all members of the Network. Each of us will encourage other members to incorporate the principles of the Network into their daily lives, and we will support efforts that affirm this ambition. Furthermore, we will be honest and fair in our dealings with one another and with members of the broader global community.

Members to the Organization

As members of TSLN, we shall faithfully execute the responsibilities identified in the separate Membership Agreement.

Organization to Members

TSLN will provide direction and tools for success in the creation of local TSL Chapters. As such, we will maintain the core Pillars which encourage, advance, and build quality professional development resources. We will also regularly incorporate fun and social activities into our programs to maintain a healthy balance between the personal and the professional.

The BOD to the Organization and to It’s Members

The BOD is responsible for ensuring the principles of the organization are manifested in all aspects of internal and external operations. The BOD will look out for the best interest of the organization and its members. Board members, wherever they may be, and whichever Chapter they become affiliated, shall proactively engage with and be responsive to TSLN members.

Organization to Employees

TSLN will be responsible for executing fair hiring practices and just compensation schedules. The highest paid employee of the Network will be granted a wage of no more than 10 times the lowest paid employee of the Network.

TSLN shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability, veteran’s status, political service or affiliation, color, religion, or national origin.

As an organization, we will continue to encourage diverse thinking and foster growth among members, for it is together that we succeed.

Organization to Businesses

We will be inclusive and work to better our organization and the organizations around us. Partners, sponsors, and investors will always be welcome to be a part of and support TSLN’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

Organization to Community

TSLN will consider the community in all of its dealings, working to remain cognizant and respectful of cultural norms and all things needed to maintain and grow a community. We will encourage every one of our members to take the time to learn about the issues their local communities face.

Organization to the Environment

We recognize the natural environment is an often-fragile ecosystem which needs not only respect and care but also nourishment and replenishment. As Sustainable Leaders, we will lead by example and remain aware of our choices and how those choices impact the vitality of our shared environment.


TSLN will, regardless of incorporation requirements, maintain a BOD. The BOD will be comprised of (at a minimum) a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms. Article V of the separate TSLN Bylaws will govern Board Member duties and organizational engagement.


The Sustainable Leader Network is comprised of one Hub and many Chapters. The Hub is the central body with the explicit purpose of supporting the Chapters, executing the organization’s mission, and monitoring the health of the overall Network.

The Hub will be governed by an Executive Director and a supporting staff required to accomplish this charter. The Executive Director role will be governed by Article V, Section 06 of the TSLN Bylaws. The Hub is governed by the BOD in the absence of an Executive Director.


TSL Chapters are the local manifestations of the Network with an explicit purpose of organizing TSLN members in their region and supporting their efforts to develop professionally, have dialogue, and conduct high-quality journalism.

TSL Chapters can be based in various communities and neighborhoods around the world. A TSL Chapter will have at a minimum of 10 dues-paying TSLN members and elect a minimum of four Chapter Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Chapter Officers are not employees of the Network.

Each TSL Chapter will adopt the TSLN Constitution as the Chapter’s governing authority and develop Chapter Bylaws in congruence with TSLN Bylaws. Upon submission, review, and approval by the Hub, TSL Chapters will be chartered. Only the Hub has the organizational authority to charter a new TSL Chapter.


The Hub is the base from which the Chapters stem. The Hub will assist prospective Chapters by providing the tools and direction necessary in chartering the new Chapter. The Hub will provide guidance and support for the Chapters, and will manage the distribution of funds required for Chapter meetings and events. The funds allocated will be tied to the number of active, dues-paying members of the the individual Chapters. Chapters may augment these funds with those raised elsewhere, but will defer to the Hub should it decide that such funds have been acquired—or are intended to be used—inappropriately. The Treasurer of each Chapter will work with the Financial Manager of the Hub to receive these funds and account for their use.


Although Chapters may operate autonomously, a Chapter must uphold the TSLN Constitution or risk having their charter revoked. Violation of the Constitution or the approved Chapter Bylaws are means for revocation of charter status and expulsion from the Network.


Changes to this Constitution can potentially change the fabric of the organization and thus will only be done with full BOD concurrence.

While only the BOD has the right to enact amendments, any group of three or more TSLN members acting in unison may submit a proposed amendment for review. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to all active (as defined in the TSLN Bylaws) members of the BOD.

The BOD will vote on the proposed amendment no later than 30 days after the proposal has been submitted. An extension to the proposal for further review can be made if the full BOD is in concurrence.


We, the Board of Directors hereby establish The Sustainable Leader Network on behalf of all Sustainable Leaders—past, present, and future—and faithfully promise to uphold both the letter and spirit enshrined in this Constitution.

 Nathan Albritton              Rachel James              Jonathan Howery              June CheE