A Sustainable Leader is someone who seeks out “unlike-minded” people to have friendly dialogue, understand different perspectives, and find collaborative solutions to the issues we face together.

We are not just providing another widget or service, we are building a culture.

Our world is constantly changing and presenting new challenges. Rigid hierarchies and bureaucracies with their inherent divisions and silos of information are fundamentally inadequate to address this reality. For every solution that such structures propose, multiple new and often more complex problems arise which they are poorly prepared to face. To solve these wicked problems, we need a different approach – a collaborative one. The Sustainable Leader Network is a collaboration of changemakers that transcends every hierarchy, every wall, and every line in the sand to collectively address the issues we face. These changemakers may come from different places, speak different languages, and hold different political views, but they share a common culture that harnesses their different perspectives. The Sustainable Leader Network is the standard bearer of that culture. Come one, come all. It’s time we move forward, together!

Why you should join us


TSLN Members are immediately welcomed into our community, with a variety of ways to connect and make friends: 

Free Access to Face-to-face Dialogue
Access to a Community of Changemakers Through Our Exclusive Online Forums
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Connect Directly with Other Changemakers Who Share Your Interests with Exclusive Access to Our Member Directory
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​​TSLN Members have access to members-only content, including:

• Access to Premium TSLN articles, podcasts, and videos (Coming Soon)

• Access to Job Opportunities (Coming Soon)

• Access to the TSLN Support System (Coming Soon)


TSLN Members have access to a panoply of professional development opportunities, including:

• Two Free Professional Development Courses – “Citizen Journalism” & “Leadership Basics”
• Free Access to Hear Interesting Keynote Speakers on Diverse Topics
• Access to Peer Mentorship Opportunities
• Free Personalized Professional Development Training Plan (coming soon)


Marketplace, and at many TSLN partner businesses.  TSLN Members receive an ever-growing number of members-only discounts, including:

Discounts on Professional Development Courses and Workshops
Discounts at TSLN Partner Businesses
Discounts on Merchandise in the TSLN Marketplace
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TSLN Members can:

• Sell Merchandise on the TSLN Marketplace (coming soon)

• Design and run professional development courses (coming soon)

• Earn cash as a TSLN Citizen Journalist (coming soon)

membership options

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1-Year Membership


We also welcome businesses and non-profits as members

Organizational memberships include all of the individual member benefits plus:

  • Opportunities to Reach ​Our Community Through Direct Advertising

  • Discounted Training Opportunities for Your Organization’s Employees

  • Access to a Network of Dedicated Professionals and Changemakers Who Can Help You Solve Your Biggest Challenges

  • Opportunities to Connect with the Local Community, Building Trust and Your Organization’s Brand

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