I am a Sustainable Leader. I will:

Welcome Everyone​

Anyone could have the solution. Only by working together can we move forward.

Be Courteous ​

Treating others with respect is the cornerstone of any conversation. If we are not courteous to others, they are unlikely to listen.

Be Articulate

We must know the points we wish to make, and be able to clearly communicate them to have an impact.

Be Positive

Bringing problems up is ok, but should be discussed in a constructive way. How can we work together to fix the problem?

Do Good

Good intentions are needed, but doing good also requires us to regularly reflect on how we do things so that we don’t create more problems along the way.

Build, Not Block

If we see something we don’t like, we contribute with something we do like.

Be Empathetic

We must try to understand where others are coming from.

Own My Words

Our words have lasting impact on those around us. People will hold us accountable to your words and actions, and so should we. 

Trust Others

Trust is a powerful thing. It brings people together and allows us to do amazing things together.

Have Fun

No matter how motivated and dedicated we are, we can all burn out. By having fun together, we re-energize ourselves so that we can do even greater things.

I am a Sustainable Leader.