The Sustainable Leader is a worldwide network of professionals and changemakers who help each other to build leadership skills, have friendly dialogue, and create meaningful change.

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Our members are professionals and changemakers from around the world making a difference in their communities and globally. Here is a selection of recent news and thoughts from across our network. Read more.

What is a sustainable Leader

A Sustainable Leader is someone who seeks out “unlike-minded” people to have friendly dialogue, understand different perspectives, and find collaborative solutions to the issues we face together.

We Need #MoreSustainableLeaders

What We Do

​​​​​​face-to-face Meetings

It’s simple, but it works. Each of our Chapters meets regularly to talk about issues in the community and the world, learn from each other, and connect. But we don’t just talk, we make things happen.


We keep the conversation going. Each month, we open the floor up to our members around the world and the global community to discuss a controversial topic. This facilitated public forum allows us to lower the volume of the two loudest voices and open the floor up to the rainbow of ideas in-between.


Leaders aren’t born, they are made. We help train the leaders of today and the future by providing leadership skill courses online combined with opportunities to practically apply those skills, often alongside a mentor.

Quality news and analysis

Accurate, timely, and unbiased journalism seems to becoming more and more rare. Our network of certified, citizen journalists across the world provide unique insights at the local and global level.

We are not just providing another widget or service, we are building a culture

Go from being a sustainable reader to a Sustainable Leader.

We Need #MoreSustainableLeaders

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